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We are dedicated to providing you with an “incredible, outstanding and unbelievable experience,” conducted with the highest standards of business ethics.

Our mission is to help women and men look and feel outstanding every day – because they are.

We love our customers

We started Prodigy salon because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to experience high-quality beautiful hair that’s accessible to all. That’s actually how we came up with our name- Prodigy Salon. Throughout the years, we’ve stayed true to that vision by giving beautiful and affordable hair to hundreds of men & women every day.

  • Celebrate their wedding day, engagement, holidays and special events
  • Rediscover their passion for beauty and hair care
  • Become more confident in styling their own hair

We’ve been able to do all of this because of YOU. Thank you for supporting us, sharing our vision and most importantly, choosing Prodigy Salon. As we look to the future and many years ahead, know with confidence that we will always be dedicated to providing you the ultimate hair service to enhance your life.

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David M.
Prodigy is the best salon I've ever been to. Their professional personal and have a very enjoyable atmosphere. On my return visit, they remembered me and the haircut style I prefer. They have an amazing product and professional staff for the education of the material. They helped me with my modeling shoot, far exceeded my expectation as well as the expectation of my employers.
I have been to this salon twice -- almost a record-breaker for me. When somebody does my hair right the first time, listens to what I want and can duplicate my hair almost exactly like a photograph -- THAT IS TALENT! The entire staff is exceptional, as is their service but my kudos go out to Jessa for the magnificent work she provided. Thank you for total satisfaction in each visit.

The people behind the magic

We believe a successful team will always far exceed one individuals success

Jessa Trefethen

Co-Owner, Artistic Director, Education Leader, Extensions Specialist

Monica Kitts

Product Specialist, Team Leader

Natalie Spear

Barber/ Team Leader

Tiffany Fuhs

Prodigy Stylist, Paul Mitchell Grad

Brandi Gomez

Makeup Specialist

Staci Ross

Team Leader and Product Specialist

Kat Smith

Skin and color specialist

Hannah Lackey

Membership Coordinator

Renato Teroy


Marquies Mourning

Hair Dresser

Ashley Chambers

Hair Stylist

Sam Pavich

Hair Stylist

Makenzie Hausmann

Membership Coordinator

Want a job at Prodigy Salon?

Prodigy Salon is creating waves in the beauty industry, and we’re looking for motivated individuals to join us. Are you?

  • Positive, energetic, and hardworking
  • Willing to constantly learn
  • Ready to take on any task that needs to be done
  • Passionate about creativity, beauty, and fashion

At Prodigy Salon we …

  • Value self-awareness, good-judgment, empathy and positive energy – often over career experience
  • Work hard because we love what we’re doing, but also believe in balance
  • Offer a rare atmosphere that values individuality and creativity
  • Are excited to hear from you!


Current Openings

Licensed Barbers and Cosmetologist
Location: Colorado Springs


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